THE Final List of Nominees For The 2020 Edition of The Cameroon Heroes Award

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THE Final List of Nominees For The 2020 Edition of The Cameroon Heroes Award

Fellow Cameroonians, it is with joy that we present to you, the FINAL list of shortlisted candidates for the 2020 edition of the Cameroon Heroes Award. We published the first shortlisted names on the 24th of December, 2020, and sent out nomination letters to all nominees, informing them of their nomination, and equally requesting from them, more information about their works.

 According to sub section 12, 13, 14 and 15 of the award Terms and Conditions;

  1. All shortlisted nominees were to be officially inform of their nomination, which will require that they confirm the receipt of their nomination by mail or other available means.
  2. All shortlisted nominees were to submit a brief professional biography of themselves to the Board after being officially inform of their nomination.
  3. Any nominee who fail to confirm his/her nomination or submit the requested brief professional biography were subject to automatic removal from the list of shortlisted nominees if no justification is advanced for the delay.
  4. Any category where none of the nominees confirmed their participation, the board were to automatically drop the category from the list of those to be honored.

Following the above regulations, some individuals and institutions have been removed from the final list of shortlisted nominees for failing to comply with the award regulations.

It should be noted that it takes more than just impact to be called a “Cameroon Hero”; it requires impact, good public relations, and the respect for the modalities put in place to protect the integrity of the award. Cameroon Heroes Award is a unique national recognition, given to few individuals and Cameroon based institutions who are championing lots of developmental initiatives, designed to drive development either in a specific community or across the national territory. This award is not given to individuals or institutions based on their popularity, but because of the traceable in their communities or across the national territory.

Meanwhile, congratulations to all the nominees who have made it to the finalist of shortlisted nominees. Our team remains committed to recognized only true Cameroonians Heroes. We are available 24hrs/7 in case you want to support this great project to growth and development our nation.

The following is the FINAL list of shortlisted nominees for the 2020 edition of the Cameroon Heroes Award.

  1. Individual Award Categories

1) Impact Blogger

  • Mbah Lucas Tebo (TeboPost)
  • Tim Ncham Edwin (Tim`s Blog)
  • Ade Divine
  • Henriette Thatcher
  • Kliff Methula

2) Impact Comedian

  • Danny Green
  • Irine Bara
  • Oboy Da Comic

3) Impact Music Artist

  • Witty Minstrel
  • Kameni
  • Salatiel
  • Standley Enow

4) Impact Gospel Artist

  • Ronnel Valerie
  • Junior Praize
  • Kliff Methula
  • Hannah Mya

5) Impact Social Advocate

  • Feka Parchibell
  • Heinrette Thatcher
  • Ekassi Stephanie

6) Impact Fashion Designer

  • Ebai Rebecca
  • NJ Prince Fashion
  • Nkafu Sulet

7) Impact Sport Personality

  • Ndifor Joel
  • Njeih Clinton
  • Ajara Njoya

8) Impact Peace Advocate

  • Feka Parchibell
  • Nyadi Francois
  • Bochum Samuel Bache
  • Ngalim Eugene

9) Impact Social Entrepreneur

  • Fotabe Elmine
  • Godlove Njisong
  • Teke Samuel Shep

10) Impact Arts and Craft Designer

  • Tchielock Vanessa Namengni
  • Mbah Yannick
  • Blaise Afrique Arts

11) Impact Print Media Personality

  • Cham victor
  • Agborem Solomon
  • Abah Isidore

12) Impact Audio Media Personality

  • Njeck Sylvanus
  • Bonas Fotio
  • Gemnda Emmanuel

13) Impact Visual Media Personality

  • Kum Leonard
  • Babila Jonathan
  • Rodrique Tongue

14) Impact Business Start-up Founder

  • Nju Dima Ako
  • Njah Nadia
  • Ndikombui Nigel Mingoh

15) Impact Food Processing Innovator

  • Martial Bibi
  • Achu Njoukon
  • Thierry Nyamen
  • Astrid Ndangang

16) Impact Community Initiative Leader

  • Ebai Ekwet
  • Sam Nloin Sukpa
  • Pefela Gildas Nyugha
  • Micheal Ambe Ngwa

17) Impact Actor Actress

  • Godisz Fungwa
  • Alenne Menget
  • Syndy Emade
  • Stephanie Tum

18) Impact Anti-COVID-19 Promoter

  • Njini Daniel
  • Awah Francisca Mbuli
  • Fidèle Djebba
  • Achaleke Christian

19) Impact Industrial Innovator

  • Samuel Safo Tchofo
  • Njini Daniel
  • Vidiol Tsague
  • Nzometiah Nervis Tetsop

20)  Impact Tech Innovator          

  • Jean Lobe (Waspito)
  • Effangwa Martha (Bohikor)
  • Nervis Nzometiah (E-Waste 3D printer)
  • Wilson Njofie (Afritech Academy)
  • Agbor Franklen Ayuk (

21) Impact Tech Promoter

  • Rebecca Enonchong (AppsTech)
  • Estelle Yomba  (Seven Advanced Academy)
  • Wilson Njofie (Afritech Academy)

22) Impact Cameroon International Promoter

  • Terrabel Marini
  • Miranda Oben
  • Estelle Yomba

23) Impact Empowerment Coach

  • Noel Tasha
  • Foko Rollin
  • Javnyuy Joybert
  • Fidèle Djebba

b). Entity Award Categories

1) Impact Orphanage

  • Kenneth Acha Foundation
  • Grace of God Philanthropic Foundation
  • New Destiny Orphanage

2) Impact Health Organization

  • Terabel Marini Foundation
  • Value Health Africa (VAHA)
  • Hero Cameroon
  • Zoe Health Foundation

3) Impact Transport Agency

  • Finex Voyages
  • General Express Voyages
  • Musango Bus Service

4) Impact Print Media House

  • Le Jour
  • Diapason
  • The Voice
  • Quotidien Emergence
  • Cameroon Tribune

5) Impact Audio Media House      

  • Radio Hot Cocoa
  • Radio Balafon
  • CBS radio (Buea FM 95.30)

6) Impact Visual Media House      

  • Equinox TV
  • CRTV
  • Canal 2 International

7) Impact Entertainment House   

  • Noble Arts Entertainment
  • Black Home Movie House
  • Blue Rain Entertainment

8) Impact Empowerment Institution        

  • GoMAD
  • Heroes Nation
  • Start-up Academy

9) Impact Telecommunication Company 

  • ORANGE Cameroun S.A
  • MTN Cameroon S.A
  • NEXTEL Cameroon

10) Impact Public/Government Institution

  • Ministry of Public Health
  • Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education (MINJEC)
  • Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprise

11) Impact Food and Brewery Company

  • Source du Pays
  • Brasseries du Cameroun

12)  Impact Financial Institution  

  • Union Bank of Cameroon (UBC)
  • Unity Cooperative Society (UNICS)
  • Credit Communautaire d’Afrique (CCA)

13) Impact Network Marketing Company

  • Superlife STC30 Cameroon

14) Impact Anti-COVID Institution         

  • Value Health Africa (VHA)
  • Fundacion Privada Samuel Eto’o
  • Zoe Health Foundation

15) Impact Insurance Company   

  • Zenithe Insurance S.A
  • Prudential Beneficial Insurance
  • ACTIVA International Insurance

16) Impact E-Commerce Company         

  • Sellam Quick
  • Afrigomarket
  • Glotelho

17) Impact Sustainable Community Service/Volunteerism Organization         

  • Clean Water and Sanitation Africa (CWASAF)
  • Community Impact for Africa (CIFA)
  • Sustainable Action for the Emancipation of Vulnerable People (SAEVP)
  • Hope for the Needy Association (HOFNA)

18) Impact Local Council  

  • Bamenda I Council
  • Buea Council
  • Yaounde II Council
  • Njombe-Penja Council

19) Impact Non-Governmental Organization – NGO

  • Zoe Health Foundation
  • Hope for the Needy Association (HOFNA)
  • Green and Better World
  • Center for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa
  • The Voice of the Voiceless

20) Impact Vocational Training Institution

  • Cameroon Opportunities Industrialization Center
  • CITEC Higher Institute of Technology

21) Impact Private Higher Institution

  • SIANTOU Higher Institute
  • Higher Institute of Business Management and Technology (HIBMAT)
  • Institut Universitaire Golfe de Guinea (IUG) Douala

22) Impact State University           

  • University of Dschang
  • University of Buea (UB)
  • University of Yaounde I


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