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Fellow Cameroonians, it is with joy that we present to you, the final list of shortlisted candidates for the 2021 edition of the Cameroon Heroes Awards. The publication of this final list is coming barely a week after we published the first list of shortlisted nominees on 30th November, 2021. All the shortlisted nominees herein will be officially informed of their nomination between today Saturday 11 – Thursday 23 December, 2021.  

In accordance with sub section 12 and 13 of the award Terms and Conditions, all shortlisted nominees herein are expected to confirm their nomination and submit their brief professional biographies of not more than 100 words,  including their professional Photo or logo at least one week before the start of the voting exercise. All requested information (bio & Photo) should be forwarded to

It should be noted that only nominees who will confirm their nomination and send in their brief bios will be added to the final list of nomination to fully participate in the award. Without confirming your nomination and submitting your required bio and professional photo/logo, you cannot participate in the voting exercise. On the 28 of December, 2021, we shall publish the confirmed final list of nominees who will be taking part in the award, compose of strictly those who have sent in their brief profiles and picture/logo. . All nominees are therefore call upon to send their brief profiles and photos on or before December 27, 2021. Please respect the required number of words. Do not send us your CVs, what we need is an article about you.

Meanwhile, the voting exercise has been schedule to begin on Monday, January 3, 2022. This year’s voting exercise shall be conducted through the social media and award special voting portal. Our team are fully equipped to ensure the transparency of the public votes.  The voting window shall be divided into two voting periods; one for social media endorsement, and the second for private endorsement through a very secure voting portal on our official website, where each vote is counted.  We continue to appeal to the general public, bloggers and others to help us tag or inform candidates who have been nominated for this award. As such, we would like the general public to note the following;

  1. We received over 6000 nominations this year from Cameroonians home and abroad; which were processed and submitted to the award Independent Commission of Judges to review and adopt those with visible impact.
  2. Only Cameroonians, Cameroon based institutions and Cameroon based diplomats have been nominated for the award.
  3. All nominees presented herein have been reviewed and approved by the award independent commission of judges, confirming that they have all been contributing in one way or the other to the growth and development of Cameroon.
  4. All nominees under the Cameroon Remarkable Heroes Awards category will be subjected to public voting beginning January 3rd, 2022. As usual, the public voting will constitute 40% of the official result, while the votes of the award independent commission of judges will constitute 50% of the votes, and the GAICAM Board will have a 10% stakes in the results.
  5. All candidates under the Cameroon Heroes of Valor Awards category, Cameroon Exceptional Heroes Awards Category, Cameroon Diplomatic Heroes Awards category and the Cameroon Diaspora Heroes Awards category, nominated by members of the award Independent Commission of Judges, shall solely be voted and confirmed by the GAICAM Board for the award.
  6. The award commission of independent judges will compile the various results, tabulates them and make the finalist public, in prelude to the ceremony in March.

We are encouraging all shortlisted nominees and Cameroonians home and abroad to follow us for more updates on Facebook, by searching and liking the Cameroon Heroes page. Nominees should equally contact our standby team on WhatsApp for their nomination letters. Our official WhatsApp account is; (+237) 678895757.



A. CAMEROON REMARKABLE HEROES                                         

1) Impact Blogger

  • Pascal Hit’s
  • Ajim Maczy
  • Injoh Janice
  • J Martin Akwo
  • Ndicho Boris
  • Nji Nelson Chefor
  • Biradzem Baniot Yuven

2) Impact Academia

  • Novelist vesoh 
  • Ewus Kalle
  • Clifford Ndecham (Skyhigh University Centre) 
  • Prof Victor Mbarika (ICT University)
  • Dr. Atanga Desmond Funwie (Kesmonds International University)

3) Impact Comedy

  • Steve Fah
  • Danny Green
  • GrandLawrenzo
  • Moustik karismatik
  • Les Aventure De Fingon
  • Timeless Pictures (Richard and Macus)
  • Capees Comedy World (copees and Caro)

4) Impact Music Artist

  • Ko C
  • Rinyu
  • Daphne Njie
  • Mr. Leo
  • Tzy Panchak
  • Vernyuy Tina
  • Elizabeth Teke

5) Impact Entrepreneur

  • Nju Dima Ako (YOB)
  • Jonathan Chafeh (Glotelho)
  • Abessolo Atangana Jean Marie
  • Gerard Yieseh (The Yieseh Foundation)
  • Nickson Che Ambe (ANC Stock Investment)
  • William Elong (CEO Will & Brothers consulting)
  • Ndikombui Nigel Mingoh (Goodwill Company Ltd)

6) Impact Peace and Social Advocate

  • Esther Oma
  • Caryn Dasah
  • Ngalim Eugene
  • Dopgima Stella
  • Baiye Ebai Frida
  • Clotilda Andiensa
  • Muma Bih Yvonne

7) Impact Fashion Stylist 

  • Nkafu Sulet
  • M.SabiDesigns
  • ShaSha Design
  • NJ Prince Fashion
  • Clap Style Empire
  • Lian’s Touch Design
  • Funjong Pertula Bih – Mafor Designs

8) Impact Media Personality

  • Faith Tata
  • Bonas Fotio
  • Kum Leonard
  • Charles Ebune
  • Njeck Sylvanus
  • Albert Njei Bonde
  • Rene Katche Echu

9) Impact Agricultural Innovator

  • Martial Bibi
  • Achu Njoukon
  • Astrid Ndangang
  • Samuel Akom Che
  • Dr Tata Emmanuel Fon
  • Jeanne Pauline Mbanga
  • Ambe standley ( Hilfarm Africa)
  • Alumna Eveline Ngumbi Epse Alombah

10) Impact Industrial Innovator

  • Rajou Nash
  • Njini Daniel
  • Vidiol Tsague
  • Enohta enterprise
  • Samuel Safo Tchofo
  • Felix Kouam (Atlas technology)
  • Nkonchoupe Boris (Arseneconstructor)

11) Impact Tech Innovator         

  • Jean Lobe (Waspito)
  • Alain Nteff (Healthlane)
  • Nervis Nzometiah (Nervtek)
  • George Enow (eNOW Digital)
  • Rebecca Enonchong (AppsTech)
  • Wilson Njofie (Afritech Academy)
  • Elougue Eya (New Generations Tech)
  • Pemwoya Bryan SirPangsui (Tour CMR)

12) Impact Hospital

  • St Louis Hospital Nkwen
  • Limbe Regional Hospital
  • Mutengenne Baptist Hospital
  • Buea Regional Hospital Annex
  • Wellstar Medical Center Yaounde
  • Etoug-Ebe Baptist Hospital Yaounde
  • Cameroon Inclusive Eye Hospital (Acha Limbe)

13) Impact Media House

  • CRTV
  • Dream FM
  • Equinox TV
  • Radio Balafon
  • My Media Prime
  • CBS Radio Buea
  • The Guardian Post
  • Legacy Development Television (LDTV)

14) Impact Transport Agency

  • First National
  • Finex Voyages
  • Global Express
  • United Express
  • General Express
  • Moghamo Express
  • Touristique Express
  • Musango Bus Service

15) Impact Higher Institution

  • ICT University
  • University of Dschang
  • University of Ngaoundere
  • National Polytechnic Institute Bamenda
  • Saint Louis higher institute of medical studies
  • Saint Louis Higher Institute of Biomedical Sciences.
  • Experiential Higher Institution of Science and Technology (EXHIST)
  • Higher Institute of Business Management and Technology (HIBMAT)

16) Impact Food and Brewery Company

  • Broli
  • Source du Pays
  • Kayvey Nutri Foods
  • Guinness Cameroon S.A
  • NESTLE Cameroun S.A
  • Les Brasseries du Cameroun – Group SABC)

17) Impact Vocational Training Institution

  • FELA
  • Yaounde Business School
  • Taniform Vocational Training Center
  • CITEC Higher Institute of Technology
  • Cameroon Opportunities Industrialization Center
  • (BIMOT) Bilingual Institute of Modern Technology.

18) Impact Volunteerism and Community Development Organization

  • Hope For Nations
  • Youths with Visions Global
  • Community Impact for Africa (CIFA)
  • Hope Alive Association Cameroon HAACAM
  • Clean Water and Sanitation Africa (CWASAF)
  • Action for Social Empowerment and Economic Development (ASEED)
  • Sustainable Action for the Emancipation of Vulnerable Population (SAEVP)

19) Impact Nongovernmental organization

  • WILPF Cameroon
  • Zoe Health Foundation
  • SOPISDEW Cameroon
  • La Dynamique Citoyenne
  • The Voice of the Voiceless
  • Youth with Visions Global
  • Women for a Change, Cameroon
  • Southwest Amputee football association Cameroon
  • Network for Solidarity Empowerment and Transformation for all (NewSETA)

20) Impact Social Entrepreneur

  • Teke Samuel
  • George Neba
  • Teke Spencer
  • Atem Arabella
  • Blessing Ekiko
  • Gilbert Ewehmeh
  • Godlove Njisong
  • Emmanuel Nganyu

21) Impact EdTech Entrepreneur

  • Likalo
  • N’wane
  • Educlik
  • TefaAfrik
  • Mya Academy
  • KET Academy
  • The Dream Building Academy


This Category of awards shall be awarded to six (6) Cameroonians or groups of Cameroonians in the Diaspora who are exceptionally contributing to peace and harmony, and to the growth and development of Cameroon. It is specially crafted to honor Cameroonians abroad who are investing back home and contributing immensely to the socioeconomic development of their communities or the nation at large. The categories under this major category includes;

  1. Impact Philanthropist
  • Delly Singah (Delly’s Matchups)
  • Newuh Christy (Mama Atalaku)
  • Njie Clinton (Clinton Njie Care Foundation)
  1. Impact Job Creation Initiator
  • Nadine Claire (Cameroon Desk)
  • Miranda OBEN (The Returnees Project)
  1. Impact Community Tech Initiator
  • Estelle Yomba (Seven Advanced Academy)
  • Elodie NONGA (WETECH)
  1. Impact Community Health Initiator
  • Keng Mercy (Value Health Africa)
  • Terrabel Marini (Terabel Foundation)
  1. Impact Academic Development Initiator
  • Prof Victor Mbarika (ICT University)
  • Clifford Ndecham (Skyhigh University Centre)
  1. Impact Community Inspirator
  • Kang Quintus (The Fisherman’s Diary)
  • Francis Nganou (MMA UFC Heavyweight champion)




This Category of awards shall be awarded to five (5) Cameroon based Diplomats and Diplomatic Institutions who have exceptionally contributing to peace and harmony, and to the growth and development of Cameroon. It is specially crafted to honor diplomatic impact in Cameroon. Current nominees under this category includes;

  1. Impact Diplomat
  • UK High Commissioner
  • Canadian High Commissioner
  • UNESCO National Coordinator
  1. Impact International NGO
  • Plan International
  • Doctors Without Borders
  1. Impact Multinational company
  • Orange Cameroon
  • MTN Cameroon
  1. Impact Diplomatic Agency
  • UNDP
  • Canadian High Commission
  1. Impact International Development cooperation
  • United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR)
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
  • Organisation des Nations unies pour l’éducation, la science et la culture (UNESCO)



This category of awards shall be awarded to eight (8) Public Administrators with exceptional leadership abilities; few men and women who have exceptionally exhibited great leadership skills in the course of discharging their office duties to the public. People whose exceptional leadership has inspire many and serve as reference to future public administrators. Current nominees under this category includes;

  1. Impact Mayor
  • Mr Abdou Borno kanfon (Ndu Mayor)
  • Mr Fongu Cletus Tanwe (Bamenda III Council)
  1. Impact Medical Doctor
  • Thewafeu
  • Esene Ignatius Ngene
  1. Impact Member of Parliament
  • Hon Cabral Libiih
  • Hon Malomba Esembe
  1. Impact Rector/Vice Chancellor
  • Uphie Chinje, Reactor of Ngaoundere University
  • Ngomo Horace Manga, Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea
  1. Impact Director of Public Institutions
  • Edwin Fongod Nuvaga, Director General of Customs
  • Tanyitiku Enohachuo Bayee, Director General of NASLA
  • Mr Soumbou Angoula Bertrand Pierre, Director General of ENAM
  • George Elambo Nkeng, Director of National Advanced School of Public Works



This category of awards shall be awarded to eight (8) Cameroonians who have exceptionally contributed to the growth and development of the nation. People whose contributions to the national growth has not discriminated against others from different cultural backgrounds, but have included every Cameroon. Current nominees under this category includes;

  1. Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh

   Minister of State and Secretary General at the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon

  1. Professor Narcisse MOUELLE KOMBI

    Minister of Sports and Physical Education

  1. Jean Ernest Massena Ngalle Bibehe

    The Minister of Transport

  1. Thierry NYAMEN

     CEO, NTFoods TANTY

  1. Kate Kanyi-Tometi Fotso


  1. Martin Mbarga Nguélé

    Delegate of national security

  1. Nadine Tinen

    CEO & Territory Senior Partner for PwC in Sub-Saharan Francophone Africa

  1. Prof. George Ewane

    Central Director of Radio at the CRTV

    Technical Advisor at the General Secretariat of the Presidency

  1. Gwendoline Abunaw

ECOBANK Director General for CEMAC Cluster

  1. Fon Ndecham Chefon II

    CEO, Zenithe Issurance Plc


The 2021 Cameroon Heroes Award Ceremony is scheduled to hold in March, 2022 in Yaounde – Cameroon.

For sponsorship/support, call/WhatsApp; (+237) 678895757 / 694704575 / 668708705

 Or Email; 


Click here to download the English Vision of the nomination list.

Click here to down the French version of the nomination list.

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