The 2021 Cameroon Heroes Award Nomination Portal

Only Cameroonians and Cameroon based institutions are nominated for the Cameroon Heroes Award. To nominate an individual or a Cameroon based institution for the award, the individual or institution must have been any of the following;

  1. A Cameroonian (home) with a traceable and visible record of impact in his/her community or across the national frontiers.
  2. A Cameroonian in the diaspora with traceable and visible impact home; either in his/her community (home town) or across the national frontiers.
  3. A Cameroonian home and abroad who have greatly defended the national colors abroad, and have boosted the image of Cameroon abroad in one way or the other.
  4. A Public Administrator in any government office home and abroad who have exceptionally exhibited great leadership skills in the course of discharging his/her office duties to the public, and have inspired many Cameroonians to have different perception of public administrators.
  5. Cameroonians from walks of life who are contributing in sustaining his/her communities by either providing water, electricity, roads, healthcare facilities, security, or others to better the lives of those in the communities.
  6. Cameroon based institution (NGOs, associations, ministries, companies, corporations and corporate structures) who are immensely contributing to the growth and development of Cameroon.
  1. An individual cannot nominate his or herself for the award.
  2. Only individuals/group of individuals or organization/company can nominate an individual or an institution.
  3. Nominations must be completed with full details, including full nominator´s name & address to ensure that the nomination is validated.
  4. Nominations MUST be submitted within the specified period of the nomination window.
  5. Nominators may be asked to provide additional evidence or materials after submission.
  6. Nominations are free and there is no limit to the number of nominations that one person or organization can nominate.
  7. A candidate can be nominated for more than one category
  8. Nominations should submitted in the official language of the nominator.
  9. Nominations that do not meet all the requirements will not be accepted.
  10. GAICAM shall assess each nominee’s file and decide whether his/her impact meets the standard to be shortlisted for the Award.
  11. All shortlisted nominees will be officially inform of their nomination, which will require that they confirm the receipt of their nomination by mail and other available means.
  12. All shortlisted nominees will be required to submit a brief professional biography of themselves after being officially inform of their nomination.
  13. Any nominee who fail to confirm his/her nomination or submit the requested brief professional biography will be automatically removed from the list of shortlisted nominees.
  14. Any category where none of the nominees confirmed their participation shall automatically be removed from the list award.
  15. Each winner will be requested to give a brief speech after receiving the award of no longer than 1 minute.
  16. Awards shall NOT be handed to any third-party; all awards must be received by the awardees (winners), except otherwise authorize by management.
  17. Not all the awards advertised maybe be awarded if the GAICAM considers that the criteria have not been met

The deadline for submission of nominations for review and shortlisting is on or before October 31st, 2021 at 23:59pm GMT+1 / Central Africa Time.