Impact state University of the year 2020

Meet the UNIVERSITY OF BUEA (UB), a winner of the 2020 edition of the Cameroon Heroes Awards, in the category of Impact State University of the year. Regarded as one of the best universities in Cameroon, UB follows the British system of education.

It serves citizens from both Anglophone and francophone regions of Cameroon and neighboring countries such as Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea. The University of Buea has provided opportunities for quality education through teaching and research in an environment that is conducive to such pursuit and in ways that respond to market forces.

UNIVERSITY OF BUEA was the winner for the Cameroon Heroes Awards because of the impact of their development and transmission of knowledge through training of men and women. All nominees had a 40% votes from the general public, 50% votes from the commission of independent judges and 10% votes from the GAICAM board. The judges which constituted 50% of the vote had to carry out their background check  and private review in order to independently pass their judgment to whether the candidate deserves the award or not. University of Buea had a 16.50% vote from our independent commission of judges, a 16.73% vote from the general public and a 4% vote from the GAICAM board. Making a total of 37.23% votes with the runner up having 32.61% which made UNIVERSITY OF BUEA winner in the said category.

Congratulations once again University of Buea for your hard work. You have greatly contributed to the growth and development of your community. You have been an inspiration through your patience in research to many youths and Cameroon at large. Your institution has given a good training program to the youth. This has made your institution our Heroin of the year.