Noble Arts Entertainment Company (NAEC)

Noble Arts Entertainment Company (NAEC)

Impact Entertainment House of the year 2020

Meet Noble Arts Entertainment Company (NAEC), a winner of the 2020 edition of the Cameroon Heroes Awards, in the category of Impact Entertainment House. It is a youth led Entertainment Company with head office in Bamenda and branches in Yaoundé and Douala.

Noble Arts entertainment has as mission to develop and empower youths provide top quality entertainment solutions to communities and companies as well as create deep connections with its clients in every market it serves. They recently produced its first TV series titled “the kanjo series”; Kanjo series is a family comic drama which its main vision is to foster family bond; the first season of the series is already available on several platforms. Noble Arts Entertainments provides services like; movies production, acting & film making training, music video production, photoshoots (studio and outdoor), event coverage, TV commercials and designing, theatre (stage) production, just to name a few.

Noble Arts Entertainment Company was the winner for the Cameroon Heroes Awards because of the impact of their entertainment activities which has helped most. All nominees had a 40% votes from the general public, 50% from the commission of independent judges and 10% from the GAICAM board. The judges which constituted 50% of the votes had to carry out their background check and private review in order to independently pass their judgment to whether the candidate deserves the award or not. Noble Arts entertainment had an 11% vote from our independent commission of judges, a 25.67% vote from the general public and a 2% vote from the GAICAM board. Making a total vote of 38.67% final results with the runner up having 29.92% which made Noble Arts the winner of the said category.

Congratulations once again Noble Arts for your hard work. You have greatly contributed to the growth and development of your community. Your entertainment house has improved the health conditions of your community and Cameroon at large. This has made your institution our Heroin of the year.