Individual Award Categories

[qode_info_card title_tag=”h2″ image=”833″ title=”Impact Blogger of the Year” text=”Meet Henriette Nshan Tem, the winner of the 2019 Impact Blogger of the Year category of the Cameroon Heroes Award. Henriette is a Cameroonian Blogger, Social Activist, Humanitarian Worker, Relationship Expert, Marriage Counsellor, Motivational Speaker and Inspirational Writer. She has a 5 years Blogging experience to her credit as an unrivalled Blogger with extraordinary finesse. Author of “A Beautiful Soul in Hell”, she was shunned, rejected stigmatized, but yet staged a powerful comeback, gained readmission in mainstream society to be an undisputable, reputable Positive Social Media Influencer. She is a Humanitarian and Social Worker that helps in alleviating the conditions of IDPs by galvanizing support to improve their well-being by starting small businesses, medical care, and education.” text_color=”#000000″]
[qode_info_card title_tag=”h2″ image=”831″ title=”Impact Telecommunication Company of the Year” text=”Meet Cameroon Telecommunication (CAMTEL), the winner of the 2019 Impact Telecommunication Company category of the Cameroon Heroes Award. CAMTEL is a state owned national telecommunication company and internet service provider in Cameroon. Founded in 1998 with headquarters in Yaoundé. They have been the lead service provider in the country through fixed and mobile phones. In addition to the fact that they are the best, they engage in humanitarian works and put in place strategies to help the vulnerable or less privilege in Cameroon through their numerous supports to youth led activities and games. They provide gifts to population through gaming services, provide temporal employment to youths through promotions, provide scholarships to student, and partner with non-governmental” text_color=”#000000″]
[qode_info_card title_tag=”h2″ image=”878″ title=”Impact Audio Media Personality of the Year” text=”Meet MBAH NJECK Sylvanus, the winner of the 2019 Impact Audio Media Personality category of the Cameroon Heroes Award. NJECK Sylvanus started working as a radio animator in 2014, hosting a top flight radio show (SWV) Sweet Wonder Version of Starter. In 2017, he was crown the best radio animator in Cameroon (English) by the Guardian Post Awards. Currently reading Journalism and Mass Communication in the University of Buea, he is holder of a BA in Sociology and Anthropology and work for CRTV Mount Cameroon FM Buea.” text_color=”#000000″]
[qode_info_card title_tag=”h2″ image=”837″ title=”Impact ICT Innovator of the Year” text=”Meet Enow George, the winner of the 2019 Impact ICT Innovator of the Year category of the Cameroon Heroes Award. He is the Co-Founder and CTO of Mungenow Technologies, a B2C technology startup based out of Cameroon which is focused in developing technology products that meets the need of a modern African society.
His impact to national growth is very evident, especially through his company’s two flagship products: Mungenow Properties (a digital property portal that aims to simplify the process of renting, buying or selling properties across Cameroon and the African continent) and Mungenow Classified (a classified website where people can sell and/or redistribute unused or unwanted items). He also Founded Opportunities for Cameroonians, an online platform created in line with SDGs goal 4 which aims at bridging the gap between opportunity providers and opportunity seekers.” text_color=”#000000″]
[qode_info_card title_tag=”h2″ image=”835″ title=”Impact Innovative Food Processing Company of the Year” text=”Meet Soyaconia Foods, the winner of the 2019 Impact Innovative Food Processing Company category of the Cameroon Heroes Award. Soyaconia Foods is a growing foods processing enterprise which transform agricultural products into an enriched “All in one Diet“- Soyaconia Balanced Diet, made from cocoa, carrots, beetroots, banana, milk, maize, soyabeans, moringa, groundnuts and 20 other vegetable concentrates. Their made in Cameroon products have greatly improved on the health condition of our community, especially as their extra-rich products are highly recommended for babies, nursing mothers, pregnant women, athletes, convalescents and naso-gastric patients because of its medicinal and nutritional values. As a young enterprise; have contributed immensely to the economic and social wellbeing of many family as they provide direct and indirect employment to over 30 young Cameroonians alongside a ready.” text_color=”#000000″]
[qode_info_card title_tag=”h2″ image=”836″ title=”Impact Comedian of the Year” text=”Meet Ngwayu Excellent, the winner of the 2019 Impact Comedian of the Year category of the Cameroon Heroes Award. She is popularly known as Baby Elephant. Born on the 20th of March 2011. An 8 year Old Comedian who hails from the Northwest Region. She is presently the Youngest Standup Comedian in the Country. She uses her talent to spread Positive Values and Great life lessons through her YouTube Channel JEWISCO COMEDY. She started her acts on stage in 2018 and on Media in 2019. She is well known around the West Region as she has visited several places such as the Cibaaeva Orphanage In February 2019 where she made provisions of some basic needs for the Orphans such as Clothes, shoes, Foodstuff, and many other things put together by herself and her team. She visited The University of Dschang in May 2019 for the celebration of the Common wealth Cultural day which promotes Culture in Cameroon.” text_color=”#000000″]
[qode_info_card title_tag=”h2″ image=”838″ title=”Impact Fashion Designer of the Year” text=”Meet Mukwelle Sabina, the winner of the 2019 Impact Fashion Designer of the Year category of the Cameroon Heroes Award. Sabina is an entrepreneur, founder and creative director of M.Sabi Designs, a fashion house that seeks to create and promote a seamless fusion between African and western designs while uplifting the African culture. She is a distinctive fashion genius and a cultural force. Over the years, she has been committed to her fashion house M.sabi Designs which is an inclusive brand to all communities and culture. She has created a lot of impact and contributed to the growth of the country both at the national and international levels, where her activities in the fashion industry in Cameroon has gone way beyond Fashion itself as her trending designs have become a movement as she has become a role model for every youth.” text_color=”#000000″]
[qode_info_card title_tag=”h2″ image=”840″ title=”Impact Social Entrepreneur of the Year” text=”Meet Nkemcha Martin Tiku, the winner of the 2019 Impact Social Entrepreneur of the year category of the
Cameroon Heroes Award. Martin Tiku is the founder and National Coordinator of ROBOGA Organization, Cameroon UNESCO Peace Ambassador, YALI RLC Accra Ghana Cohort 9 Fellow and National Outreached Coordinator of YALI West Africa Alumni Association Cameroon. As a youth counselor, human rights activist and social entrepreneur, he empowers the youths through counseling, orientation, civic education, human rights education and social entrepreneurship. Through his “Exemplary Citizens Initiative” he has reach out to over 15.000 youth for the past seven years. Following crises in South West and North West Regions of Cameroon, in 2019 with the collaboration of EoC IIN Hub Cameroon, he trained and empowered over 300 internally displaced persons.” text_color=”#000000″]
[qode_info_card title_tag=”h2″ image=”841″ title=”Impact Agricultural Innovator of the Year” text=”Meet Taboh Afor Page, the winner of the 2019 Impact Agricultural Innovator of the Year category of the Cameroon Heroes Award. Afoh Page is the founder and Chief Executive officer of PAGCO FARMS, an agricultural company that is aimed at fighting food Security by producing and transforming locally cultivated commodities. He does home deliveries and uses advance technology for crop production. His impacts on National growth is so striking and pronounced especially in Empowering Youths to emerge into the different sectors of Agriculture and also creating full and part time jobs and fighting food security in the nation as a whole. Afoh Page is a graduate in Business Finance and Management and currently enrolled into the Associations of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) and He is two time award winner in Agricultural Transformation and Poultry Management 2018, 2019 respectively.” text_color=”#000000″]
[qode_info_card title_tag=”h2″ image=”843″ title=”Impact Community Initiative Leader of the Year” text=”Meet Dr. Njang Mbeng Emmanuel, the winner of the 2019 Impact Community Initiative Leader of the year category of the Cameroon Heroes Award. He is a Medical Doctor at the Fundong District Hospital, and the president of the Federation of African Medical Students Associations (FAMSA). He also plays a key role in the running of HERO (Health Education and Research Organisation) Cameroon to address different medical problems of relevance.
He is the medical director of Maealth which runs a mobile health application called “Help yourself “ which aims at bridging the gap between doctors and patient the digital space. Dr Njang is also a 2017 Alumni of the Cameroon Leadership Academy (CLA); in 2018 he was voted most influential young Cameroonian in science and technology.” text_color=”#000000″]
[qode_info_card title_tag=”h2″ image=”844″ title=”Impact Orphanage of the Year” text=”Meet New Destiny Orphanage, the winner of the 2019 Impact Orphanage of the Year category of the Cameroon Heroes Award. New Destiny orphanage (Orphelinat Nouvelle Destinée) is located in Lendi -Douala. They are specialized in Social Private Work accredited by Ministry of Social Affairs. Their mission is focused on security supervision and social protection of orphans, abandoned children, others social cases, provide free education and shelter to orphans. They impact the lives of the vulnerable; targets them through education, nutrition, Health, psychology, moral and even spiritual care and extend this action through vocational training for adolescents up to integration into the working life. They are working to ensure that these children can also contribute to the future of Cameroon and to be good and exemplary citizens.” text_color=”#000000″]
[qode_info_card title_tag=”h2″ image=”847″ title=”Impact Print Media Personality of the Year” text=”Meet Tarhyang Enowbikah Tabe, the winner of the 2019 Impact Print Media Personality of the Year category of the Cameroon Heroes Award. He is a trained Journalist and Development Communicator with over 20 years of practical experience. He is the former Station Manager of Eden Radio, Editor of Eden Newspaper and Editor of The Sun Newspaper. He is presently the Publisher and Chief Executive Officer of The Advocate Newspaper, Cameroons Pioneer Media Organ for the Civil Society with focus on the Sustainable Development Goals. He is also the National President of the Cameroon Association of Media Professionals, a certified Trainer of Trainers of Human Rights Reporting, Peace and Conflict Transformation and leader of the United Nations Human Rights Reporters Network for Central Africa.” text_color=”#000000″]
[qode_info_card title_tag=”h2″ image=”848″ title=”Impact Medical Organization of the Year” text=”Meet Value Health Africa (VAHA), the winner of the 2019 Impact Medical Organization of the Year category of the Cameroon Heroes Award. They are a non-profit organization, created in Bamenda in the year 2016. Her mission is to add value to life by improving on health care and wellness to all. She engages herself in executing Humanitarian; primary Health care and Psycho-social services to vulnerable persons. Her impact in the crises regions of Cameroon earned her a seat in the national humanitarian action coordination taskforce seminar chaired by WHO. Her key achievements in 2019 targeted the North West Region of Cameroon through the re-birth of: a diabetic clinic in Mesaje, Mbamali, Mendakwe and Banteng; the Adolescent clinic project; the IDP Women’s program in Ndop, the creation of the National UHC alliance in Yaoundé- Cameroon and finally this 2020 VAHA expanded her horizon by Region.” text_color=”#000000″]
[qode_info_card title_tag=”h2″ image=”849″ title=”Impact Sustainable Organization of the Year” text=”Meet Local Youth Corner Cameroon (LOYOC), the winner of the 2019 Impact Sustainable Organization of the Year category of the Cameroon Heroes Award. LOYOC is national, non-governmental, non-profit, youth-led and youth-centered civil society organization with over 18 years of experience working with young people within the ages of 13 to 35. The organization operates two offices including the Head Office in Yaoundé and the Field Office in Maroua. LOYOC main focus is on youth capacity building and empowerment in the domain of peace building, preventing violent extremism and transforming violent offenders into peace builders and development agents. They have been working to prevent and counter youth radicalization and violent extremism through advocacy, workshops, conferences, face to face sensitizations, and sports for peace.” text_color=”#000000″]
[qode_info_card title_tag=”h2″ image=”829″ title=”Impact Business Startup Founder of the Year” text=”Meet Ambe Nickson Che, the winner of the 2019 Impact Business Startup Founder category of the Cameroon Heroes Award – 2019. He is a Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, Stock, FOREX and Crypto Currency Trader. He is the Founder & CEO of ANC STOCK INVESTMENT LTD an open-end investment trust that seeks to bring wealth to the Masses through Investment. With one of the main activities of ANC Stock Investment Ltd being to invest, through the ANC Startup Accelerator program, Ambe Nickson Che has been able to contribute massively to the growth and development of the economy by funding Startups with Seed capital enabling them to grow their business from ideation stage to the growth stage over an intense cycle of 6 month each year. Within the acceleration period, all the startup accepted undergo training, mentorship, financing at the Acceleration program to grow their businesses.” text_color=”#000000″]
[qode_info_card title_tag=”h2″ image=”825″ title=”Impact Visual Media Personality of the Year” text=”Meet Embelle Patience Fominyen, the winner of the 2019 Impact Visual Media Personality category of the Cameroon Heroes Award. Patience is a visual media personality that does not end at doing her job but uses it to promote the talents and culture of Cameroonians. She always had the passion for helping others because she believes positive change is a chain reaction of support and goodwill. Currently working at CRTV as the morning show host, she uses her platform to make goodwill a lifestyle by organizing seasonal sharing campaigns to encourage the culture of passing goodness forward. She continues to collaborate with organizations through talk events/ seminars to motivate young Cameroonians and women in particular to use compassion as a transformative communication tool for positive change.” text_color=”#000000″]
[qode_info_card title_tag=”h2″ image=”826″ title=”Impact Empowerment Coach of the Year” text=”Meet Rollin FOKO, winner of the 2019 Impact Empowerment Coach category of the Cameroon Heroes Award. He is an associate-manager with M2B Conseils Ltd in Douala, Cameroon. He is a Business Plan specialist with 22 years of work experience as a consultant, particularly helping entrepreneurs find local and foreign investors. He works with Cameroonian and African entrepreneurs with business ideas in many sectors, including forestry, manufacturing, food processing, packaging, mining, haulage, telecommunication, real estates, services and others. In 2004, Rollin created his own consulting firm, M2B Conseils. He also designed financial software; OHADA FIPRO SOFT (2005-2019), to help start-ups develop their business plans to identify” text_color=”#000000″]
[qode_info_card title_tag=”h2″ image=”827″ title=”Impact Public Institution of the Year” text=”Meet The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education (MINJEC) of Cameroon, the winner of the 2019 Impact Public Institution category of the Cameroon Heroes Award. MINJEC is a government ministry in charge of the promotion of youth affairs and civic education and the promotion of annual youth agenda for the youth. They collaborate with youths across the national territory, promoting and supporting youth led ventures. MINJEC is one of the few ministries in Cameroon that has built close relationship with the youths through its services. They supported, sponsor and promotes many youth led activities annually.” text_color=”#000000″]
[qode_info_card title_tag=”h2″ image=”834″ title=”Impact Gospel Artist of the Year” text=”Meet Junior Praize, the winner of the 2019 Impact Gospel Artist category of the Cameroon Heroes Award. Junior Praize is a gospel artist with the zeal and passion to Praise GOD. He has been into music since his childhood and has achieved a lot since 2010. He was a lead Music Director of University of Buea Choir for 2 years, Music Facilitator of Cameroon Afro Gospel Choir till present, Trainer of so many choirs across the national territory of different denominations. He is a song writer and a member of legends acapella. In December 2018, he released “Yahweh I go dey hail You” which has thousands of views on YouTube and preformed several live ministrations on CRTV and Canal 2. He organized the 2019 summer camp; “Talents for life” and “Be a Blessing Project” which helped.” text_color=”#000000″]
[qode_info_card title_tag=”h2″ image=”832″ title=”Impact Community Service/Volunteerism Organization of the Year” text=”Meet ADVOCATES FOR EQUITY AND DEVELOPMENT (AED), the winner of the 2019 Impact Community Service/Volunteerism Organization category of the Cameroon Heroes Award – 2019. It is a non-profit organization in Bamenda, that envisions an inclusive, equitable and empowered society where all children, youths, women, persons with disabilities and other vulnerable persons enjoy secure, healthy, enlightened lives and a responsive environment that promote social, economic, cultural and moral development. AED’s impact to national growth is very evident, especially in promoting creativity of vulnerable persons in crafts so as to be financially empowered to meet up their basics needs. They are promoting quality health care services for vulnerable persons especially displaced persons and children” text_color=”#000000″]
[qode_info_card title_tag=”h2″ image=”830″ title=”Impact Food Processing Innovator of the Year” text=”Meet Bejanga Vanessa, the winner of the 2019 Impact Food Processing Innovator category of the Cameroon Heroes Award – 2019. She is the founder and manager of HEALTH WARRIOS INTERNATIONAL providing; educational support for healthy nutritional habits in homes and schools, support on healthy living lifestyles by providing dieting plans, campaign on awareness of obesity’s dangers to the health via media (radio talks and TV shows) and counselling of clients on the beneficial effects of natural products to help them stay healthy and fit. Her impact to national growth is very evident in her follow-up of clients’ healthy eating habits, sensitization against overweight, calculation of basal body mass index as a proxy of standard weight of clients, supportive monitoring and evaluation of overweight/obese people and others. Through her entrepreneurial and communication skills, she is constantly engaged in the provision of educational support for healthy living.” text_color=”#000000″]
[qode_info_card title_tag=”h2″ image=”839″ title=”Impact Entertainment House of the Year” text=”Meet Toboh Entertainment Empire, the winner of the 2019 Impact Entertainment House of the Year category of the Cameroon Heroes Award. Toboh Entertainment Empire is an entertainment house in Cameroon which produces and promote Cameroonian movies. Based in Bamenda, it was created in 2014 and produced a film titled “Butterfly”, produced in the University of Bamenda projecting the pride of a woman and has been selected for the 2020 edition of Cameroon international Film festival. They promote TV shows like “30 mins with stars”, beyond intimacy, promote and share views on the Cameroon film and entertainment industry. They promote and encourage young Cameroonian talents, train and make them professionals.” text_color=”#000000″]
[qode_info_card title_tag=”h2″ image=”842″ title=”Impact Social Advocator of the Year” text=”Meet Noutcha Prudence, the winner of the 2019 Impact Social Advocator of the Year category of the Cameroon Heroes Award. Prudence is a global citizen who believes that unemployment can be solved thanks to Youths and Women Empowerment. She is a Social Entrepreneur, Co-founder, and founder, Researcher, Author and Commonwealth Trainer of Trainers, a coach to young women in politics. She holds a Master of Arts degree in History of International Relations from the University of Yaoundé 1. Prudence works with youths and women in the domain of Democracy, elections, human right, peace building, socio-political and economic empowerment. For the past 5 years serving as Senior Program officer for NewSETA, she and her colleagues have championed at the National and International level, different youths socio-political initiatives for their inclusion in decision-making platforms.” text_color=”#000000″]
[qode_info_card title_tag=”h2″ image=”845″ title=”Impact Empowerment Institution of the Year” text=”Meet C-Life, the winner of the 2019 Impact Empowerment Institution of the Year category of the Cameroon Heroes equipping them spiritually & professionally to build integrity and professional excellence in Cameroon and Africa. C-Life does this through her flagship program tagged Servant Leadership Fellowship Program, which has so far trained more than 107 servant leaders with a total of 300+ community serviceAward. C-Life trains future leaders in Cameroon-Africa, in the areas of servant leadership, Christian discipleship and career development all within a community lifestyle setting. They develop young servant leaders in community,” text_color=”#000000″]
[qode_info_card title_tag=”h2″ image=”846″ title=”Impact Print Media of the Year” text=”Meet LeGideon Media, the winner of the 2019 Impact Print Media of the Year category of the Cameroon Heroes Award. Le Gideon newsletter is a flagship bilingual and biweekly newsletter, concerned in telling true stories despite the odds that come their way. They go for underdog stories that often get lost in the noise and haze of contemporary “hot Stories”. Thus while they report breaking news stories as other news organizations do, they are also keen to give voice to marginal narratives. Their focus is Cameroon news, though they also bring in futures from the international scene. LeGideon Recently introduced the Culture for Peace Volunteering program that empowers young Writers, Journalists on culture for peace reporting and assists them to fast track their entry into the media industry.” text_color=”#000000″]
[qode_info_card title_tag=”h2″ image=”851″ title=”Impact Impact Peace Advocator a of the Year” text=”Meet Bochum Samuel Bache, the winner of the 2019 Impact Peace Advocator of the Year category of the Cameroon Heroes Award. He is the Commonwealth youth delegate to Cameroon, Global Goodwill Ambassador, Global Peace Ambassador, Global Youth Ambassador, Global Active Citizen, and Youth Envoy for Peace and Democracy. Founder and Executive Director of YAPCEC (Youths Advocates for Peace and Community Empowerment Cameroon) with focus on civic education and multiculturalism, peace advocacy and building, nonviolence conflict prevention and Crisis management, democracy and governance. His risky and relentless efforts towards peace advocacy, building and advancement of peace culture for over 4 years in Cameroon with activities and outreach in the south west region of Cameroon in transforming youths mindsets from violence extremism to peace ambassadors.” text_color=”#000000″]
[qode_info_card title_tag=”h2″ image=”852″ title=”Impact Innovative Agricultural Institution of the Year” text=”Meet Innovative Platform for Sustainable Agriculture (INPLASA), the winner of the 2019 Impact Innovative Agricultural Institution of the year category of the Cameroon Heroes Award. INPLASA IS a newly created Hi-Tech agro- entrepreneurial organization specialized in seed multiplication, snail farming, youth empowerment and agro- consultancy. Founded in January 2017, they have so far multiply and supply about 25,200 plantain Plantlets to youth and community farmers. They have organized several trainings on plantain multiplication, snail farming end personal development within Cameron, training over 220 youths and 100 farmers. INPLASA has equally been on media, creating awareness on topics like: climate change, farming methods, climate smart agriculture etc.” text_color=”#000000″]
[qode_info_card title_tag=”h2″ image=”850″ title=”Impact Audio Media House of the Year” text=”Meet CRTV FM 88.8MHZ, the winner of the 2019 Impact Audio Media House of the Year category of the Cameroon Heroes Award. CRTV FM 88.8MHZ is a Cameroon National radio that Promotes peace through their programs encourages local artists, educational talks, host programs that involves youths and the entire population. They have worn many awards both nationally and internationally for their enriching programs. We celebrate them for their contributions to national growth.” text_color=”#000000″]