Charles Ndongo

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Charles Ndongo

Charles Ndongo honored with the CAMEROON HERO OF VALOR Award

Go-Africa Initiative Cameroon (GAICAM) recognised the exceptional contribution of the Director General of the Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV) Mr Charles Ndongo to the growth and development of our Fatherland, Cameroon.

His proactiveness and dynamism have revolutionarized CRTV through the demonstration of his outstanding commitment in inculcating the values of national unity, cultural diversity, peace and harmony as well as promoting inclusiveness and merit based leadership in the execution of his duties which has significantly helped in boosting the image of our beloved nation; affirming our commitment of becoming an emergent nation.

The Executive Director of GAICAM, Mr Taminang Search, led the GAICAM team for a formal presentation of the 2019 CAMEROON HEROES OF VALOR Impact award to the Director General of CRTV, Mr Charles Ndongo.

On this remarkable day of 19 October 2020, Mr Charles Ndongo was distinguishly awarded a certificate of recognition for his outstanding work and impact in the promotion and development of the audio media house of the nation.

Mr Charles Ndongo’s works are very visible since his appointment as Director General of CRTV through the impressive changes in the creation of new CRTV channels such as CRTV sports, CRTV news and Entertainment and CRTV web.

The CAMEROON HEROES OF VALOR of the GAICAM Impact award is annually awarded to ten (10) Cameroonian individuals with magnificent stewardship skills all over the national territory irrespective of their community or region.

It is in this light that, Mr Charles Ndongo received this award of recognition for his wonderful contributions in revolutionarising the Cameroon Radio Television through his quality management of human resource by giving the opportunity to the right people to seat on the right positions in the corporation.

To crown it all, the Executive Director of GAICAM made mention of the fact that, CRTV has stood its ground in protecting the image of the country in a time where our nation was greatly challenged because the image of the country is like shares in the stock exchange market and this is all thanks to the incredible efforts of Mr Charles Ndongo and his collaborators earning him this award of recognition as a true CAMEROON HERO OF VALOR.

Bravo Mr Director General, you are indeed a CAMEROON HERO OF VALOR!

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