Cameroon Heroes Award 2020 Report

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Cameroon Heroes Award 2020 Report


Our conviction has always been to foster growth and development in Cameroon and Africa at large, bearing in mind that every strong and vibrant nation in modern history was built by visionaries and transformative organizations whose commitments and patriotism drove them to think beyond the confines of their very own survival.

We believes that there are lots of remarkable people and institutions in different communities across Cameroon who are contributing immensely to the growth and development of their communities, and the nation at large, but with little or no encouragement to their efforts to national growth. Some of these individuals and institutions don’t even have the opportunity to share their stories, and most often we don’t even have a clue of the indispensable role they are playing in their communities; contributing to the inclusive peace and development of our Fatherland. These people are extraordinary and remarkable. Most often they sacrifice their individual aspirations for the betterment of their communities and the nation as a whole. These are the people and institutions we call Cameroon Heroes. GAICAM International founded the Cameroon Heroes Award as one of its impact award programs, with the aim to honor these individuals and institutions for their immense contributions to the growth and development of their communities and Cameroon at large. We cerebrate them for standing the gab for their communities and their country Cameroon, especially in a time when Cameroon and the rest of Africa needs true patriots and community driven citizens and institutions to take the development of their country and the continent at large to the next level.


On that note, we are delighted that despite the challenges faced as a result of covid-19 pandemic, we still recorded a great success organizing the 2020 edition of the Cameroon Heroes Award, which is one of our most important projects. The 2020 edition of the Cameroon Heroes Award recorded great innovations such as;

  • The introduction of an Independent Commission of Judges to assess the impact of each nominee and independently determine who deserve to be called a ‘‘Cameroon Hero’’.
  • The introduction of specific selection criteria for each award category, from which the assessment of their impact is subjected to. This greatly helped the judges with their analysis, as each judge had to use the category specific selection criteria to assess nominee’s ability to be called a Cameroon Hero of the year.
  • The inclusion of the results statistics in the award report on how winners were selected, an item which was never part of the previous Cameroon Heroes reports. The objective of this statistical inclusion is to educate the public on the transparency and uniqueness of the selection process of the Cameroon Heroes Award winners.

Sincerely, we feel satisfied with the process and innovation put in place to guide the selection process for the Cameroon Heroes Award, the same process we shall be applying in our upcoming African Heroes Award. We have taken time to give a detail presentation of the award in this report. We consider this report an educative one which has an objective to educate Cameroonians, our collaborators and potential partners of the credibility of the Cameroon Heroes Award. We are one of the few awards in Africa whose process of winner’s selection is this rigorous, transparent and credible. All those who have been honored with the Cameroon Heroes Award have a traceable record of impact which can be verified, and we can defend their impact anytime and anywhere.

Meanwhile, this is actually one of the first awards in Africa with such a well-defined process of selection of nominees. With this, we sincerely want to appreciate all efforts put forth by the Board of trustees of GAICAM International. Our sincere gratitude goes to our valued partners, the Cameroon Government, the award Commission of Independent Judges, Volunteers, and all those who made the 2020 edition of the award a success, irrespective of the disruptions and inconveniences caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Indeed, we feel delighted and wish to extend our sincere gratitude to all our valued partners and collaborators who contributed earnestly for the success of the 2020 edition of the award. This could only be possible, thanks to your support and collaborations. We strongly believe that the individuals and institutions that were honored will continue to impact their communities and bring about more community development and impact in Cameroon, and Africa at large.

Being a non-profit organization, GAICAM International continues to rely on your support as we envisage other programs in the future. Our doors remain open to welcome new partners and sponsors; people and organizations that can support our quest to continue transforming lives, promoting social and economic growth across Africa; empowering young people  so they can be resourceful to their communities, and promote the desired sustainable peace in line with our commitment to global goals.

As such, we want to use this opportunity to call for people of goodwill and institutions to partner and support the upcoming 2021 edition of the award, which will be officially launched for nomination on 1st July 2021. In line with the importance and significance of the Cameroon Heroes Award to communities across Cameroon, as well as to the growth and development of the entire nation, we are inviting all Cameroonians home and abroad, including Cameroon based companies, the Cameroon diplomatic community and the international community to partner with us to honor these individuals and institutions who are impacting communities and transforming lives across Cameroon. It is our wish to see more partners joining this great course to enhance the development of Cameroon.

We equally want to use this opportunity to call on African Diaspora Community and those at home to partner with us in organizing the maiden edition of the African Heroes Award, which will be hosted in West Africa in 2022. Any interested individual or institution who wish to partner with us in honoring African Heroes across the globe should contact us via the email;

On the other hand, we are currently working on releasing the maiden edition of the Cameroon Heores Magazine which will profile all the winners of the 2020 edition of the award and displaced all the 2019 winner of the award. We are working on printing 3000 magazines which will be distributed to all public and major private institutions in Cameroon. The Magazines will equally have its digital version, which will be distributed across the globe. We are expecting at least 10 million readers across the globe before the next edition of the award. The Magazine will be printed and distributed from mid July 2021. To support the Magazine project or to publicize your business in the magazine, contact our team for the formalities via  

As regard to the next edition of the award, nominations will be officially launched on the 1st September, 2021 through a duly signed communique, stating the different categories up for nomination, and the different phases of the award. The 2021 edition of the award will be more impactful and rewarding, and hopefully more sectors will be added to the already identified sectors. It will be hosted in Yaounde by February 2022. For suggestions on how to better the award, how to best include the Cameroon Diaspora community in the award, or which sector could be included to the already existed list, send your suggestions to

Finally, we are thankful that you took time off your busy schedules to read through this report; we are always open to any critics, suggestions, or support that can push our work to the next level. We hope your reading of this report will create a new relationship between you, your organisation/company and ours. We hope that you can help share these report with others, as well as advocate support for our activities so we can continue to impact our communities. Thank you!

Click HERE to download the French version of the Cameroon Heroes Award Report

Click HERE to download the English version of the Cameroon Heroes Award Report

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